Blog Tour, Book Trailers, Editing and Posh Coffee

ImageThis last couple of weeks has been a bit of an interesting ride. First we went to my cousin’s son’s Christening (to which he looked amazing in his Tweed suit!), then I managed to contract a sickness bug luckily it was only a twenty-four hour thing but at one point I swear I thought I was going to die! By the time it had passed and I could stand up without passing out it was a rush to get everything ready for this week’s Blog Tour which is being kindly hosted by five very incredible authors!

Day One was held By KENNETH BELLIVEAU on his Blog Reel World Critic;

Day Two was held By SUSAN HARRIS on her Blog susanharris;

Day Three has been held By HAYLEY BARLOW on her Blog hayleyb32;

Day Four will be held by PENNY ESTELLE on her Blog (17/04/14)

And Day Five by ALINA POPESCU on her Blog (18/04/14)


As well as all this I have been doing some more marketing in the form of video trailers for the book… Which look like this;

They were done using a wonderful free site called ‘Animoto’ so long as you keep the clip 30 seconds or shorter you can do them for free! I highly recommend it; it is easy to use and very handy for making professional looking trailers which you can share on all media’s.

The other major thing which happened in the latest week was that I got in touch with an editor by the name of Patti Geesey, for those of you who don’t know her she is an incredible woman who has kindly offered to edit Dying To Help; the ENTIRE TRILOGY! I already love working with her as I know editing is hard work in itself but she is very kind and understanding. I know my work isn’t perfect first time out but she gives me a lot of confidence and everything she says she leaves you with a positive feeling. Not only is this but she also highly affordable (her rates changes with each author so it would be impossible to give you a figure but I would highly recommend you get in touch if you need/want an editor.)

And lastly if not one of the more important aspects of the week, I have finally got around to getting some fresh granules for my coffee percolator, proper posh as well; Hazelnut flavoured… Needless to say it has sent me a little hyper, not that it is noticeable or anything.

OK Guys and Gals if you want to get in touch or pre order your copy of Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End… Here is how you do it;

Twitter; @BabyMull


Susan Harris

SusanforwebHi everyone I would like you to meet another fellow author, this is Susan Harris. She has a wonderful book out which I would like to share with you. I think she would better explain it herself so here is what she has written for it….


Looking to rejuvenate your mind, soul and body?


Hot off the digital press is Remarkably Ordinary: 20 Reflections on Living Intentionally Right Where You Are.

Like most people, Susan Harris lives an ordinary life. In Remarkably Ordinary, she challenges the notion that a person needs bright lights or golden spoons to live more productively. “Can we,” Susan asks, “find purpose in every experience, encounter or seemingly random happening?” In this compilation of twenty personal stories, Susan invites the reader to embrace everyday occurrences and intentionally reflect on their meaning in his or her life. These stories provide a way of seeing life’s experiences through new eyes and discovering the lessons that can be learned from them in order to find happiness right where you are. An ordinary life is a vibrant and successful life, and each of us can draw out beauty from whatever we encounter. Susan shares her ordinary life, from a childhood on an exotic tropical island to adulthood on the prairies, and reflects on how her experiences have changed her and enriched her life.

In sharing these experiences with her, you will be inspired to examine your own life.

When you do, you may find that your life can be deeper and more meaningful than you ever imagined.

The book retails for only US $0.99 (other prices pegged) during April 8-30, and is available at  and Amazon in your country.

A bit about Susan;

Susan Harris is an author, speaker and former teacher. Her titles are Little Copper Pennies and Little Copper Pennies for Kids (Borealis Press), and Golden Apples in Silver Settings and Remarkably Ordinary from White Lily Press. She lives on the Canadian prairies with her husband, daughter and the gregarious cats.

If you should be interested in finding out more about Susan Harris and her book you can find her at;

The Importance Of Friends…

black and white meHello, I am struggling today; mainly because the topic I want to write about; how important friends and connections in the writing world are, is an extremely true and personal topic. Your friends are the ones who help you boost your awareness without having to be asked or asking for anything in return. They are so crucial to your success but beyond that they are the ones who love you enough to believe it is possible. So don’t ever take them for granted. You know what even that doesn’t give it justice… Hopefully as I go it will feel more and more like it does.
When I say friends are important in the industry and you are lucky enough to have or find these very incredible people I mean these are the people who have either done what you are trying to do or are doing it as well. You can help each other! Never underestimate the support someone can give you but also never underestimate the support you can give them.

Here are a couple of examples of what I mean….

Hayley Barlow (Author)
Hayley is a wonderful and strong woman who does so much herself; mother, self employed in two businesses and bless her heart not too well. By my accounts she is a superhero!

hayley b

Hayley Barlow

And to top all this off she is always running blogs, facebook events and helping someone… I try and help where I can but I don’t think I do her justice; so here is how you can find Hayley and please do she is a talented Romance author and a truly astonishing person!




‘Lust Or Love’ on Kindle/Paperback;
Good Reads;
Publisher’s Book Bio;
Publisher’s Author Bio;
Review By Alina Popescu (Author);

Shane Almond (Author/ Publisher);last child of asgard banner
Shane is not only a fabulous friend and fellow author but he also runs a Publishing Company named Nocturnal Press Publications. Up until I decided to go independent he was my publisher and he still supports and helps me with my marketing and I try and help out as much as I can in bringing awareness to the company. So if you love to read Fantasy then please do check out Shane’s own release ‘Last Child Of Asgard; Delta’ or if you love reading in any fiction genre NPP will no doubt have a book release you will love!Nocturnal Press Logo

Facebook ;
Publisher Bio;
Twitter; @nocturnalpress

I could just go on with lists of other people… There is one more I would like to make special note of, there is a review there by Alina Popescu, and she is another wonderful author. I would keep my eye on her and check out her releases! #Justsaying

These are the people who have been kind enough to help me and over time have become friends. They are wonderful and I thank each and everyone of them from the bottom of my heart. I will add more to the list as the week progress’s please do have a look.


Hello again and firstly A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the new followers on the blog, without any of you this exercise would be kind of pointless! So I always try and tell those who support me in one way or another; what an inspiration you are….

Speaking of inspirations that is what today’s blog is about; what and how things inspires us to do what we do in hope of… Well in all honesty inspiring others. Are you lost yet? I think I might be; simply put I want to share with you what it is that has given me the ‘Eureka’ moments, what influenced me when I was younger and even now. If you want to I would love to hear the same from you all in the comments (of course this is optional, no homework required of the readers of this blog I promise. But if you do want to share then feel free.)

Let’s start with the easy stuff; TV. For me TV played a big part of my childhood (I was kind of a sickly child) that and SKY was brand new (yeah I know ‘oooo’ and ‘Ahhh’). I was and still am terrified of children’s telly; I used to think it was just scary. What happened to the Moomins, or Clangers?? TeleTubies and these weird alien egg things which I only ever watched once because I was ill with a fever and terrified myself thinking they were coming out of the Television… And you thought I was joking about being sickly… (I have been told I was born in the wrong era, this may be true.) Anyway back on topic; after as much as I could stomach of the bizarre crazy that was badly speaking brightly coloured things I moved onto watching other things; Comedy, Science Fiction, Crime Drama, Romance, etc at a rather young age. (I personally blame my biological father’s extensive Video collection and lack of attention). Wow I just said Video there’s a throwback for you!



Out of that came a list of all time favourites back in the day;
#Buffy The Vampire Slayer (I was just that cool)
#Star Trek (Voyager and Next Generation; I am sorry but it is Piccard and Jayne-Way all the way my lovelies!)
#StarGate SG1 (Film and TV Series; I later discovered SGU StarGate Universe)
#CSI (Vegas, I didn’t discover NCIS until I was much older)
#Only Fools And Horses (This was a must more than anything else.)
The Romance was more in films to be fair.


Buffy Cast (Including Seth Green)

Really I watched most things that were on so long as it wasn’t for children, I also love Horror have done for many, many, many years but that was more films again. Of course now there is little difference to this list just a few added extras;
#Family Guy (I love this remarkable granted exaggerated view on family life, it helps me to unwind)
#American Dad (A lot is to be said for Stan Smith…)
#Bones (It is debateable as I usually don’t like watching Crime Fiction where the tech couldn’t exist but can’t knock Brennan and Booth)
#NCIS (Clever, witty and relatable… And I do love Gibbs and Abby)
#StarGate Universe (I cannot say enough about this programme, the actors, story, sets and seriously I could go on and on and on… Make this perfect I was in shock when they cancelled it. I still watch it now on DVD as an inspirational pointer.)
#The Black List (James Spader is just awesome in this… If I could I would have him play ‘The Host’ in ‘Dying To Help’)
#FireFly (One of the best Science Fiction series made in my opinion, just under/miss marketed)
#Castle (Another Nathan Fillion instant classic! You cannot knock a man who can act like that, from Sci Fi to Crime Drama is at his best. This is of course an opinion but heyho.)



Castle Cast…


Ahh, yes FILMS; I watched #The Exorcist when I was very young and found it more amusing than scary but I was enthralled by it and wanted to watch more, so again the extensive collection of Video’s that later became DVD’s came into play. I watched #Seven and films like that, slowly becoming less and less aware of the blood and guts and more and more aware of the storytelling. The ideas behind them and of course I watched films like #Serenity which was the film made of #FireFly at the time I was confused as it follows on from the series and hadn’t yet discovered it. But I still loved it. Of course there were the Disney Films; #Little Mermaid, #Lion King, #Sleeping Beauty, #Fox And The Hound, etc (I wasn’t completely hooked on the darker or stranger side of cinema.) Oddly enough I was hooked and still am on #Pretty Woman, #Notting Hill I love the plots in both of them.

Even now I love finding new and interesting films and they shaped how I wrote, I started writing in Horror; after watching #Sixth Sense it was Paranormal Horror, #The Others. Then I discovered Sci Fi Horror; #Village Of The Dammed, #War Of The Worlds, #Alien (The Series), #Predator (The Series), #Mars Attacks (Which by the way is just too funny), #Signs. I loved them all; #Signs utterly creeped me out! #Jeepers Creepers (last one for you…) I have loads more but I could go on forever and a day. But as you can see my film and TV selections have moulded what I was going to write.

Now BOOKS; this is an interesting on as I read more Romance and Medical Thrillers such as #Notting Hell by Rachel Johnson, #Lust Or Love by Hayley Barlow, #Pedigree Mum by Fiona Gibson and the entire #Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen but the first book I picked up and red cover to cover in only a couple of days was #Contest by Matthew Riley and that is what turned me onto Science Fiction. If I am just half the writer he is I will be happy! At the moment I am reading a book called #Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gainman, a suggestion by a friend and Sci Fi buff and I am loving it. It is; witty, clever, cheeky, and so smooth to read.

And on to the hard parts; The PEOPLE! My mum actually named me after an author, I think she knew before anyone else what I was destined to be. And she has always encouraged me, made me feel like it was possible. She still does. Crazy as me I swear… And Sid, I dabbled at this before I met him but it wasn’t until after that I really found my stride; he gives me the love and understanding every author needs from their spouse I will always love him but for this I could never say thank you enough. Famous People are more difficult but I would say Matthew Riley, he started with nothing and is now a household name; can’t not find inspiration in that. And Seth McFarlane; he is the creator of Family Guy and American Dad; like his work or not you cannot knock the man for his achievements! He had a vision and made it happen; he didn’t even let a little thing like having his show cancelled stand in the way of that one. Let’s see ah yes of course David Blue most commonly known for ‘Eli Wallace’ in SGU he worked in bit parts for a long time and earned the role of Eli to act with actors like Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferreira and completely hold his own is outstanding.


David Blue As Eli Wallace

Wow just seen word count… Sorry… As I said before if you want to share your inspirations please do I would love to hear them. As always if you are interested in buying a copy of my book; “Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End” then you can email me at or visit my website I am also on Twitter which is @BabyMull and now on Instagram; scifiauthor and of course facebook I look forward to seeing you all there!

First Week Indie….

Well this week has been a hell of a week; since going indie I have been working solidly on marketing as well as setting up my business bank account, revamping my website

In fact since my last blog my total weekly to do list has grown to an overwhelming length. Some of which will have to be taken over to next week but the majority is internet marketing, updating spread sheets, sending out promotional material to different people on request, researching marking, setting up with Amazon, and still finding time to write…. I have to admit though; I love every second of it! I get to design my own adverts so I can tap into that side of my creative nature, I am using my honed admin skills to keep records, and it gets me out the house more. Into Hinckley, Leicester, or even just down the street to the post office I am out and about rather than sat staring at the computer or telly.

DTH ad 'Are you ready to play'.png

I have found drive I didn’t know I had! Don’t get me wrong it is hard work all day from 9am to 6pm but it is worth it. I am building towards something great and I have so many plans for the release my head might explode… None of this could be possible though without my incredible husband and my wonderful mum, they are my rocks. This morning for example, I really wanted a lie in would have done as well if Sid hadn’t of refused to turn the alarm off forcing me to do it. (And get out of bed in the process) he knew I was tired but would feel awful if I slept in. As for my mum, well she sends me messages speaking in affirmatives “When your world famous, you’re certainly putting the work in.” Who could go wanting with support like that?

This week has been a little bit more trying though; I wasn’t feeling all too hot on Monday my six year old trusty printer gave up on me to which I replaced (£89 lighter), managed to get the new one up and running only to realise the dog had escaped, half an hour of searching and panicking later he came home. Needless to say we weren’t impressed. By the time four came and went I was ill and curled up in bed. I still have no idea how I managed to get work done, I did through some miracle I got some writing done and designed a flyer add. Not bad for a day when nothing was working.

Then on Tuesday I woke up to find my Gmail account had a virus which was trying to infect my phone and Nexus. Half tempted to go back to bed I rang Google and they charged me £49 not dollars; pounds to fix it. An hour later it was being done and an hour after that it was all clean and deadly internet virus free (thankfully)… By midday everything was running smoothly again and I had flyered most of Hinckley and was heading home. Wednesday went like clockwork which was lovely but Thursday was the day I sorted my accounts with the banks…. I cannot begin to explain the trauma. Bank A was awful, Bank B was heaven… I am now banking with Bank B, big surprise.Add Flyer 02

I will be honest I am not used to being so very public; I am naturally borderline hermit. Happy to sit and type away a story but there is a part of me that needs them to be read, otherwise where is the point? I write to bring a little bit of solace to people, to those who find it in places where the imagination can create just about anything! So I have to break away from my hermit nature to tell those people my stories are here… It is taking some getting used to.

Well I think I have nattered enough for one day, the next blog will be posted next week on Wednesday. Until then my dears thank you for reading and as always if you are interested in any of my writings then please do let me know.

You can get in touch via;
Twitter; @BabyMull

Little Bit Of News….

Small announcement; I have now gone Independent with Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. It is not due to Nocturnal Press Publications, I still hold they are one of the best Publishing companies around. I just felt at this time it would be better to do this as an indie author, I love every aspect of publishing; from writing the novel to marketing and this way I can have complete say over how it is done and when (not that I didn’t before). It is difficult to explain, I guess I have more drive this way. Less stress knowing it would only affect me.

bookcover-websize (1)

Anyway, as for the book; it will be coming out in June and the closer it gets the more excited I find myself getting. I am already taking pre orders! Granted not many but getting it up on Amazon should help that…. And I have found a way to release it on paperback too! But I am waiting and doing a separate launch. It is all so surreal seeing what I have worked for coming together like this.


In the coming weeks I will be looking for a few people to get advance copies of Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End in order to review it pre release. If anyone is interested please do let me know via email at


so hows tricks poster 01 0800214.1546On a final note; I am also currently releasing a column called ‘So… How’s Tricks?’ It is about life, love and politics; as well as everything else in-between.  If you would be interested in reading it they are 50p an issue. Again you can contact me at the email above to get the full listing and any other information.


I will be blogging more regularly from now on in (At least once a week) so do keep an eye out, I will post any deals and when the FREE FRIDAYS are happening for Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. See you all very soon!

Penny Estelle

ImageWhat can you say about this amazing woman? Penny is a kind hearted soul with so much talent to share with the world, and that she does! Currently second in the Author Of The Month Competition Penny is striving fast and hard towards an amazing future with NPP! So lets hear a bit about Penny Estelle from the woman herself!

  1. Do you have any other passions other than writing? If so what are they and why?

My number ONE passion is my family. I have a large one and I don’t know what I would do if they weren’t around!

  1. What made you want to write?

Heck if I know! I was getting ready to retire from the public school system where I was a school secretary for 21 years and I decided I wanted to try and write for the middle grade kiddos. My daughter was teaching 5 grade at the time and I ask her to read the first 3 chapters of my story to her class to see if they liked it, hated it, or fell asleep while she was reading. They really liked it and wanted more. I gave her a new chapter every month! Hence, the birth of Hike Up Devil’s Mountain – my first published story!

  1. Do you have a family; kids, husband/wife etc?

I am married to a wonderful guy, Jim! I have 5 kids (Jim came with 2 boys and I had 2 boys and a girl) Between us we have 7 grandchildren from ages 2 – 15!

  1. If you could do anything else in the world would you do it?

If skill or money was not an issue I would be a famous tennis player or a professional gambler!

  1. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

OOOOHHHH – so many places on my bucket list! I want to visit every state in the United States (I’ve done about half) Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand, England, Switzerland, on and on and on!!!

  1. What would you say your favourite book is? And why?

Flame and the Flower by Johanna Lindsey. I was never a reader as a kid or teen. I only started reading after having my first child (as sleep is non existent when a baby is in the picture) That was the first novel I ever read and it has stuck with me forever.

  1. Favourite TV show? And why?

Supernatural…..It’s weird as I don’t like blood/gore shows, but this has humor and it’s SO paranormal and out there that it doesn’t make me look behind the doors or in the closet before going to bed. And then there’s Sam and Dean……Have you seen Sam and Dean?????

  1. Favourite Film? And why?

HMMMM I go in so many different directions but I loved The Birdcage as it was so hysterical…..McClintock (I love John Wayne)…..Burlesque (I loved the singing)

  1. Have you ever had a scary moment? If so would you mind sharing?

My little 2 year old granddaughter has downs syndrome and at 6 months she had to have heart surgery….It was a horrible, HORRIBLE 4 hours!!!

As far as the “other kind of scared”….I am not a lover of the dark. We live very rural and it gets extremely dark up here at night. The one night, I am here by myself, my neighbor calls. They have their solar panel on a small hill. She went up to turn it and fell and broke her ankle. She had her phone, called and told me to come and help her, but to bring my gun. I hustled down there in a shorty nightgown, gun and flashlight in hand. Struggled up the little hill and not 10 feet away from her was a huge rattlesnake. I shot it and we got her down. That scared the hell out of me…..though I’m sure she was a little more shaken up than I was!

  1. What are your dreams for life?

I would love for my books to take off! I would love to be able to just “up and go” whenever the urge hit me!

  1. Now, for a bit about your book…. How did you come up with the story idea?

I took a writing class years ago and the assignment was to write a story for early readers. I came up with Have you Seen my Tail?

  1. Has it changed or evolved over time?

Oh yes. It started out The Bear’s Tale and I have added/changed quite a bit!

  1. What is your book about?

    Little Sammy Bear has been told, by his older brother, he has lost his tail and he better find it before their mother finds out.  Sammy asks different forest animals if they have seen his tail, but the only help they can offer are snacks, which Sammy gladly accepts.  It seems everything they offer is his favorite! Will Sammy find his tail?

At the end of the story are four “bug recipes that kids can make and eat themselves!

  1. Is it out? If not when will it be released?

It will be released in May, 2014

  1. Where can people find you?

  1. And of course most importantly; where can people buy your book?

Nocturnal Press is the wonderful company that has picked up my story. You can visit them by going to