The Branches Of Time Review – As Heard On Castle Mead Radio’s Podcast

485277_10200665126247883_1228424167_nHi everyone, I hope you are all well. I just wanted to drop you a line and update you on my first podcast review for Castle Mead Radio based out of Hinckley Hospital but the podcast is available from here to Australia and back (So long as you have a internet connection and the link).

So, without further a-due, here is Luca Rossi’s review…

“Hello, and good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. Whichever time you choose to tune in I hope you enjoy the premier episode of The Castle Mead Radio Indie Book Review, where I, Louisa Mullerworth, Indie Author and review writer will be navigating you through some of the best independently published novels available for you to enjoy!

We are starting with Science Fiction and Fantasy novel writer Luca Rossi, and his release ‘The Branches Of Time’. I would like to stress at this point that this novel is aimed at eighteens and over, it does contain explicit langue and content as well as some violence. Saying this I can honestly say that not a single word is out of place, every-one is used to enhance either the story or a character and not for the sake of it. And all is in good taste.

‘The Branches Of Time’ is surprisingly not in Luca’s usual genre, which is Science Fiction, here he delves into time-travel fantasy with amazing success. From the first page you are drawn into this incredible world which Luca in some instances literally dreamt up!

Luca took the time to speak with me and said that there was no clear external influence for ‘The Branches Of Time’ but rather he wanted to see if he could write something slightly different from his usual Strictly Sci-Fi.

I am proud to say that after reading this master-piece cover to cover, Luca can indeed create incredible fantasy worlds, people and realms.

I have to admit, I am a little in awe of his creation, few authors can give you exactly the amount of information they want to give you, and only when they want to give it to you! So I really don’t want to give too much away. So all I will say is: you start at a wedding for which disaster strikes. Not the Groom hasn’t turned up or the Brides dress is stained, no, I am talking epic disaster. This is only the start of something which as you read you learn has been brewing for longer than anyone could imagine! Luca-Rossi---i-RAMI-del-TEMPO---cover

‘The Branches Of Time’ is an instant classic by my standards, in league with the Game Of Thrones any day of the week, it has everything; imagination, intrigue, primal draw, and sex appeal. If it was a man I would be drooling right now!

‘The Branches Of Time’ is also available in both English and Italian, you can find it on amazon and find Luca on facebook and twitter, simply search Luca Rossi that is L, U, C, A. R, O, S, S, I. And look for her cover photo!

You can buy ‘The Branches Of Time’ for only $3.05 on For these reasons and so many more I am more than willing and able to give it a five star rating!

I would also like to add how important it is to support genuine indie authors, for they work so hard to get where they are. If you enjoy a book then please leave a review. You have no idea how much of a difference it can make.

You are all incredible, and on that note, where ever you are thank you for listening!”

To Hear the podcast simply follow the link: Rossi

Blog Tour, Book Trailers, Editing and Posh Coffee

ImageThis last couple of weeks has been a bit of an interesting ride. First we went to my cousin’s son’s Christening (to which he looked amazing in his Tweed suit!), then I managed to contract a sickness bug luckily it was only a twenty-four hour thing but at one point I swear I thought I was going to die! By the time it had passed and I could stand up without passing out it was a rush to get everything ready for this week’s Blog Tour which is being kindly hosted by five very incredible authors!

Day One was held By KENNETH BELLIVEAU on his Blog Reel World Critic;

Day Two was held By SUSAN HARRIS on her Blog susanharris;

Day Three has been held By HAYLEY BARLOW on her Blog hayleyb32;

Day Four will be held by PENNY ESTELLE on her Blog (17/04/14)

And Day Five by ALINA POPESCU on her Blog (18/04/14)


As well as all this I have been doing some more marketing in the form of video trailers for the book… Which look like this;

They were done using a wonderful free site called ‘Animoto’ so long as you keep the clip 30 seconds or shorter you can do them for free! I highly recommend it; it is easy to use and very handy for making professional looking trailers which you can share on all media’s.

The other major thing which happened in the latest week was that I got in touch with an editor by the name of Patti Geesey, for those of you who don’t know her she is an incredible woman who has kindly offered to edit Dying To Help; the ENTIRE TRILOGY! I already love working with her as I know editing is hard work in itself but she is very kind and understanding. I know my work isn’t perfect first time out but she gives me a lot of confidence and everything she says she leaves you with a positive feeling. Not only is this but she also highly affordable (her rates changes with each author so it would be impossible to give you a figure but I would highly recommend you get in touch if you need/want an editor.)

And lastly if not one of the more important aspects of the week, I have finally got around to getting some fresh granules for my coffee percolator, proper posh as well; Hazelnut flavoured… Needless to say it has sent me a little hyper, not that it is noticeable or anything.

OK Guys and Gals if you want to get in touch or pre order your copy of Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End… Here is how you do it;

Twitter; @BabyMull

Little Bit Of News….

Small announcement; I have now gone Independent with Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. It is not due to Nocturnal Press Publications, I still hold they are one of the best Publishing companies around. I just felt at this time it would be better to do this as an indie author, I love every aspect of publishing; from writing the novel to marketing and this way I can have complete say over how it is done and when (not that I didn’t before). It is difficult to explain, I guess I have more drive this way. Less stress knowing it would only affect me.

bookcover-websize (1)

Anyway, as for the book; it will be coming out in June and the closer it gets the more excited I find myself getting. I am already taking pre orders! Granted not many but getting it up on Amazon should help that…. And I have found a way to release it on paperback too! But I am waiting and doing a separate launch. It is all so surreal seeing what I have worked for coming together like this.


In the coming weeks I will be looking for a few people to get advance copies of Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End in order to review it pre release. If anyone is interested please do let me know via email at


so hows tricks poster 01 0800214.1546On a final note; I am also currently releasing a column called ‘So… How’s Tricks?’ It is about life, love and politics; as well as everything else in-between.  If you would be interested in reading it they are 50p an issue. Again you can contact me at the email above to get the full listing and any other information.


I will be blogging more regularly from now on in (At least once a week) so do keep an eye out, I will post any deals and when the FREE FRIDAYS are happening for Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. See you all very soon!

Penny Estelle

ImageWhat can you say about this amazing woman? Penny is a kind hearted soul with so much talent to share with the world, and that she does! Currently second in the Author Of The Month Competition Penny is striving fast and hard towards an amazing future with NPP! So lets hear a bit about Penny Estelle from the woman herself!

  1. Do you have any other passions other than writing? If so what are they and why?

My number ONE passion is my family. I have a large one and I don’t know what I would do if they weren’t around!

  1. What made you want to write?

Heck if I know! I was getting ready to retire from the public school system where I was a school secretary for 21 years and I decided I wanted to try and write for the middle grade kiddos. My daughter was teaching 5 grade at the time and I ask her to read the first 3 chapters of my story to her class to see if they liked it, hated it, or fell asleep while she was reading. They really liked it and wanted more. I gave her a new chapter every month! Hence, the birth of Hike Up Devil’s Mountain – my first published story!

  1. Do you have a family; kids, husband/wife etc?

I am married to a wonderful guy, Jim! I have 5 kids (Jim came with 2 boys and I had 2 boys and a girl) Between us we have 7 grandchildren from ages 2 – 15!

  1. If you could do anything else in the world would you do it?

If skill or money was not an issue I would be a famous tennis player or a professional gambler!

  1. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

OOOOHHHH – so many places on my bucket list! I want to visit every state in the United States (I’ve done about half) Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand, England, Switzerland, on and on and on!!!

  1. What would you say your favourite book is? And why?

Flame and the Flower by Johanna Lindsey. I was never a reader as a kid or teen. I only started reading after having my first child (as sleep is non existent when a baby is in the picture) That was the first novel I ever read and it has stuck with me forever.

  1. Favourite TV show? And why?

Supernatural…..It’s weird as I don’t like blood/gore shows, but this has humor and it’s SO paranormal and out there that it doesn’t make me look behind the doors or in the closet before going to bed. And then there’s Sam and Dean……Have you seen Sam and Dean?????

  1. Favourite Film? And why?

HMMMM I go in so many different directions but I loved The Birdcage as it was so hysterical…..McClintock (I love John Wayne)…..Burlesque (I loved the singing)

  1. Have you ever had a scary moment? If so would you mind sharing?

My little 2 year old granddaughter has downs syndrome and at 6 months she had to have heart surgery….It was a horrible, HORRIBLE 4 hours!!!

As far as the “other kind of scared”….I am not a lover of the dark. We live very rural and it gets extremely dark up here at night. The one night, I am here by myself, my neighbor calls. They have their solar panel on a small hill. She went up to turn it and fell and broke her ankle. She had her phone, called and told me to come and help her, but to bring my gun. I hustled down there in a shorty nightgown, gun and flashlight in hand. Struggled up the little hill and not 10 feet away from her was a huge rattlesnake. I shot it and we got her down. That scared the hell out of me…..though I’m sure she was a little more shaken up than I was!

  1. What are your dreams for life?

I would love for my books to take off! I would love to be able to just “up and go” whenever the urge hit me!

  1. Now, for a bit about your book…. How did you come up with the story idea?

I took a writing class years ago and the assignment was to write a story for early readers. I came up with Have you Seen my Tail?

  1. Has it changed or evolved over time?

Oh yes. It started out The Bear’s Tale and I have added/changed quite a bit!

  1. What is your book about?

    Little Sammy Bear has been told, by his older brother, he has lost his tail and he better find it before their mother finds out.  Sammy asks different forest animals if they have seen his tail, but the only help they can offer are snacks, which Sammy gladly accepts.  It seems everything they offer is his favorite! Will Sammy find his tail?

At the end of the story are four “bug recipes that kids can make and eat themselves!

  1. Is it out? If not when will it be released?

It will be released in May, 2014

  1. Where can people find you?

  1. And of course most importantly; where can people buy your book?

Nocturnal Press is the wonderful company that has picked up my story. You can visit them by going to

Hayley Barlow

ImageSo we are already starting our second week on Nocturnal Press Publications Author Of The Month Competition, and what an author to feature! Hayley Barlow is an incredibly talented author with her debut novel; Lust or Love hitting the shelves on the 15th of January 2014! I am pleased to be able to feature Hayley on my blog, she is certainly a rising star, and good friend. On that note; without any more delay I give you my guest on the blog; HAYLEY BARLOW!!!

1.Do you have any other passions other than writing? If so what are they and why?

Other than being a mum to my eight year old daughter I love to read. I will read anything and everything so long as it had a good and gripping plot. This year I have been doing a lot of things that I have always wanted to do; I started working for myself as a masseuse and holistic therapist as well as working towards getting published. These are huge passions of mine and have been working towards being a massage and holistic therapist on and off for several years now

2. What made you want to write?

I used to love writing short stories and even reports when I was in school, sadly after I left I found life took over and the writing stopped. That is until recently; as I mentioned above I have been working towards a lot of my passions with the aim to turn them into a career. Getting published was one of the things I have always wanted to do, but I did not always have the courage to go ahead and do it. Saying this I have been inspired by many indie authors and I have entered a writing competition before now. I didn’t get too far in the actual competition but it gave me the push to continue writing my novel; Lust or Love.

3. Do you have a family; kids, husband/wife etc.?

I have one daughter; Brieanne who will be nine in December. I am a single mum and have been for a long time; however I have a wonderful mum and dad who have always been there for me and continue to be a big support. Plus I am close to my sister who has two boys; one is sixteen and the other eighteen years old; so I guess you could say we are a small but close family.

4. If you could do anything else in the world would you do it?

I would love to have my own shop where I could sell and do my treatments from; I hope one day I will have that.

5. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

If I could go anywhere I would go to Africa on a safari; I would love to do that with my daughter I think it would be an amazing experience.

6. What would you say your favourite book is? And why?

Oh no, it is so hard to choose! I have so many books I love to read but I think I am going to go with Dracula; it is a classic and I just love it!

7.Favourite TV show? And why?

I love Vampire Diaries at the moment. I know I am an adult but I love anything supernatural and it is so easy to watch. (And such good fun too.)

 8. Favourite Film? And why?

Dirty Dancing is my favourite; it is an all-time girly film which is why I love it so much. Well that and it has Patrick Swayze as bad boy Johnny in it. What’s not to love?

9. Have you ever had a scary moment? If so would you mind sharing?

Oh my, I’ve had lots of them but the biggest one would be walking into the house when it had been broken into; that was very shocking and so upsetting for me. At the time I had a feeling someone was still in the house, which worse yet I was right, a friend of mine who was with me at the time made me come back out and I had to ring the police from my sisters. It wasn’t until the police had come and gone that I could clean up I was just glad to have help from my friends and family! It was a horrible time for us all and for months after I was scared in my own home by the smallest noise. It just kept sending my mind racing and I kept thinking someone was trying to get in the house. That took a lot of getting over.

10. What are your dreams for life?

I always want my daughter to be happy and I hope one day that my small self-employed business will keep growing so I can afford to have a little shop to call my own. And it would be amazing if my first novel would take off and be a success; I would love to keep writing more books.

11. Now, for a bit about your book…. How did you come up with the story idea?

I came up with the idea as like most people out there I have had some very unsuccessful relationships. So using just a tiny bit of my own experience’s and my big imagination I came up with Lust or Love.

12. Has it changed or evolved over time?

I would say yes it has changed a bit over time as I have been writing the story for over a year now. I have changed my mind slightly with some of the scenes but the plot and ending has always stayed the same.

13. What is your book about?

ImageLust or Love is for 18’s and over only due to some swearing and sexual content. It isn’t your typical ‘happily ever after’ story; no rock stars, cowboys or rich guys sweeping you off your feet… This is an everyman romance.

What do you do when the one who completely wrong for you keeps coming back into your life? Single mother Heather is turning thirty and can’t help but evaluate her life. The book is set in a small town in Yorkshire, England in 2011. You will look back into Heathers past and follow her into the present.

For six years Heather has been torn between her feelings for the destructive Kian and the harsh truth that they probably won’t ever be together. For more than six years life has taken them in different directions; however Heather can never seem to get Kian out of her mind, and at the most unexpected points in her life Kian has a habit of reappearing. If it isn’t really love than is the lust worth the pain? Or can Heather let Kian go for good?

14. Is it out? If not when will it be released?

I have a publishing date for January 15th 2014

15. Where can people find you?

16. And of course most importantly; where can people buy your book?

I am so lucky to have been signed with Nocturnal Press Publications; they have been amazing with me and are such awesome people to work with. My book will be available to buy through them.

Blog Features… Nov 2013 – Dec 2013


In the up and coming weeks I will be featuring five authors who are currently taking part in Nocturnal Press Publications Competition; Author Of The Month. Starting with Kenneth Belliveau later today until the 1st of December, then Hayley Barlow from the 1st of December to the 7th, followed by Mark Taylor from the 7th to the 14th December, Penny Brown Estelle from the 14th to the 21st of December and finally but certainly not least Keirsten Beining from the 21st to the 28th of December.

All of these authors are incredibly talented and driven, which makes it very difficult for myself and the other staff at Nocturnal Press to judge! So in the next few weeks I ask will you follow this and them and let me know what you think?

All of our authors have profiles on the NPP website and you can also order their books (Pre and Post release) for signed copies! For more information you can email me at

Interview With Ashlyn Forge

Ashlyn Forge spends most of her days self-editing, writing, and editing. Her love of
storytelling, and the imagination in general, has put her in an on-and-off
relationship with Writing for a number of years. She is particularly drawn to
anything resulting in blurred lines between magic and science, as is evident in the
surreal world of her Toys and Soldiers series. Her literary ambition in life is to see
one, if not all, volumes of the Toys and Soldiers Series tucked neatly under
everyone’s pillow. If it were not for the discordant jumble of ideas clamoring for
attention in her head, she would also take up crocheting.

Ashlyn took a couple of minutes to answer a few questions and say hi.


1) Where did you find the inspiration for ‘In Liams Wake’?

All of my stories were written at a time when I didn’t want to deal with a personal problem. It’s my way of working through them. Liam’s story of isolation has a lot to do with how I feel and felt living in foreign countries, especially one which I couldn’t readily leave. Thirteen years ago, I went through a rough time and I just wrote and wrote (none of it was good, but it was fun). Then two years ago I started reading it again and realized that I finally had enough skill to mold it. Now 13 years later, the same scenario was unfolding for me, so it worked.

2) Why did you start writing?

I didn’t really start writing at any given time. I just tried to write something, and stopped whenever someone shot me down. But I’d always take a stab at it, then one day I stopped looking for approval and I just hit the ground running. again, none of it good, but it developed into a really big world that’s ripe with different stories.
3) As a fellow author I am always curious, who was your inspiration for your writing style?
Writing style? I really hope I can emulate a writing style well. To be honest, I read a lot of other indie authors and developed some bad habits, but I can notice them now. I am a big Terry Pratchett fan and I love how he uses humor in his story. I tried to add humor wherever I can, but I know without a doubt I’ll never hold a candle to Sir Terry Pratchett. 
4) If you could sum up ‘In Liams Wake’ in one paragraph, how would you describe it?
Liam’s world seems like a very bleak place, but actually, it’s whatever he makes it, and the reader can see it from any angle he/she chooses. Liam’s human. He’s not incredibly smart, not incredibly stupid, not incredibly strong or incredibly weak, he’s just human, and he tries to make the best of a bad situation. He has some tunnel vision and while that is a downside, it’s also his strength because while others might see the big picture and lose hope, he sees the big picture and figures every picture can burn.
5) What was your favourite part of the process when writing ‘In Laims Wake’?
I had to write the first chapter several times, and each time I’d add more and more detail. When it was finally finished, it felt good to read Liam all the way through. 
6) And finally, where can people find you and your book?
I set out to make this book just like any other book delivered by a publisher. It can be found anywhere in ebook format, from amazon to barns and nobles to ibookstore and so on. It can also be ordered in libraries (ebook format). you can buy it in paperback format on amazon, or order it through a bookstore. The hardcover is available on but should be available on amazon soon. the audiobook is in the works and will be available via audible. if you want to check out a voice sample of the narrator, please visit there you can find an audio trailer and a video trailer.