Blog Tour, Book Trailers, Editing and Posh Coffee

ImageThis last couple of weeks has been a bit of an interesting ride. First we went to my cousin’s son’s Christening (to which he looked amazing in his Tweed suit!), then I managed to contract a sickness bug luckily it was only a twenty-four hour thing but at one point I swear I thought I was going to die! By the time it had passed and I could stand up without passing out it was a rush to get everything ready for this week’s Blog Tour which is being kindly hosted by five very incredible authors!

Day One was held By KENNETH BELLIVEAU on his Blog Reel World Critic;

Day Two was held By SUSAN HARRIS on her Blog susanharris;

Day Three has been held By HAYLEY BARLOW on her Blog hayleyb32;

Day Four will be held by PENNY ESTELLE on her Blog (17/04/14)

And Day Five by ALINA POPESCU on her Blog (18/04/14)


As well as all this I have been doing some more marketing in the form of video trailers for the book… Which look like this;

They were done using a wonderful free site called ‘Animoto’ so long as you keep the clip 30 seconds or shorter you can do them for free! I highly recommend it; it is easy to use and very handy for making professional looking trailers which you can share on all media’s.

The other major thing which happened in the latest week was that I got in touch with an editor by the name of Patti Geesey, for those of you who don’t know her she is an incredible woman who has kindly offered to edit Dying To Help; the ENTIRE TRILOGY! I already love working with her as I know editing is hard work in itself but she is very kind and understanding. I know my work isn’t perfect first time out but she gives me a lot of confidence and everything she says she leaves you with a positive feeling. Not only is this but she also highly affordable (her rates changes with each author so it would be impossible to give you a figure but I would highly recommend you get in touch if you need/want an editor.)

And lastly if not one of the more important aspects of the week, I have finally got around to getting some fresh granules for my coffee percolator, proper posh as well; Hazelnut flavoured… Needless to say it has sent me a little hyper, not that it is noticeable or anything.

OK Guys and Gals if you want to get in touch or pre order your copy of Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End… Here is how you do it;

Twitter; @BabyMull


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