Little Bit Of News….

Small announcement; I have now gone Independent with Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. It is not due to Nocturnal Press Publications, I still hold they are one of the best Publishing companies around. I just felt at this time it would be better to do this as an indie author, I love every aspect of publishing; from writing the novel to marketing and this way I can have complete say over how it is done and when (not that I didn’t before). It is difficult to explain, I guess I have more drive this way. Less stress knowing it would only affect me.

bookcover-websize (1)

Anyway, as for the book; it will be coming out in June and the closer it gets the more excited I find myself getting. I am already taking pre orders! Granted not many but getting it up on Amazon should help that…. And I have found a way to release it on paperback too! But I am waiting and doing a separate launch. It is all so surreal seeing what I have worked for coming together like this.


In the coming weeks I will be looking for a few people to get advance copies of Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End in order to review it pre release. If anyone is interested please do let me know via email at


so hows tricks poster 01 0800214.1546On a final note; I am also currently releasing a column called ‘So… How’s Tricks?’ It is about life, love and politics; as well as everything else in-between.  If you would be interested in reading it they are 50p an issue. Again you can contact me at the email above to get the full listing and any other information.


I will be blogging more regularly from now on in (At least once a week) so do keep an eye out, I will post any deals and when the FREE FRIDAYS are happening for Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. See you all very soon!


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