First Week Indie….

Well this week has been a hell of a week; since going indie I have been working solidly on marketing as well as setting up my business bank account, revamping my website

In fact since my last blog my total weekly to do list has grown to an overwhelming length. Some of which will have to be taken over to next week but the majority is internet marketing, updating spread sheets, sending out promotional material to different people on request, researching marking, setting up with Amazon, and still finding time to write…. I have to admit though; I love every second of it! I get to design my own adverts so I can tap into that side of my creative nature, I am using my honed admin skills to keep records, and it gets me out the house more. Into Hinckley, Leicester, or even just down the street to the post office I am out and about rather than sat staring at the computer or telly.

DTH ad 'Are you ready to play'.png

I have found drive I didn’t know I had! Don’t get me wrong it is hard work all day from 9am to 6pm but it is worth it. I am building towards something great and I have so many plans for the release my head might explode… None of this could be possible though without my incredible husband and my wonderful mum, they are my rocks. This morning for example, I really wanted a lie in would have done as well if Sid hadn’t of refused to turn the alarm off forcing me to do it. (And get out of bed in the process) he knew I was tired but would feel awful if I slept in. As for my mum, well she sends me messages speaking in affirmatives “When your world famous, you’re certainly putting the work in.” Who could go wanting with support like that?

This week has been a little bit more trying though; I wasn’t feeling all too hot on Monday my six year old trusty printer gave up on me to which I replaced (£89 lighter), managed to get the new one up and running only to realise the dog had escaped, half an hour of searching and panicking later he came home. Needless to say we weren’t impressed. By the time four came and went I was ill and curled up in bed. I still have no idea how I managed to get work done, I did through some miracle I got some writing done and designed a flyer add. Not bad for a day when nothing was working.

Then on Tuesday I woke up to find my Gmail account had a virus which was trying to infect my phone and Nexus. Half tempted to go back to bed I rang Google and they charged me £49 not dollars; pounds to fix it. An hour later it was being done and an hour after that it was all clean and deadly internet virus free (thankfully)… By midday everything was running smoothly again and I had flyered most of Hinckley and was heading home. Wednesday went like clockwork which was lovely but Thursday was the day I sorted my accounts with the banks…. I cannot begin to explain the trauma. Bank A was awful, Bank B was heaven… I am now banking with Bank B, big surprise.Add Flyer 02

I will be honest I am not used to being so very public; I am naturally borderline hermit. Happy to sit and type away a story but there is a part of me that needs them to be read, otherwise where is the point? I write to bring a little bit of solace to people, to those who find it in places where the imagination can create just about anything! So I have to break away from my hermit nature to tell those people my stories are here… It is taking some getting used to.

Well I think I have nattered enough for one day, the next blog will be posted next week on Wednesday. Until then my dears thank you for reading and as always if you are interested in any of my writings then please do let me know.

You can get in touch via;
Twitter; @BabyMull

Little Bit Of News….

Small announcement; I have now gone Independent with Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. It is not due to Nocturnal Press Publications, I still hold they are one of the best Publishing companies around. I just felt at this time it would be better to do this as an indie author, I love every aspect of publishing; from writing the novel to marketing and this way I can have complete say over how it is done and when (not that I didn’t before). It is difficult to explain, I guess I have more drive this way. Less stress knowing it would only affect me.

bookcover-websize (1)

Anyway, as for the book; it will be coming out in June and the closer it gets the more excited I find myself getting. I am already taking pre orders! Granted not many but getting it up on Amazon should help that…. And I have found a way to release it on paperback too! But I am waiting and doing a separate launch. It is all so surreal seeing what I have worked for coming together like this.


In the coming weeks I will be looking for a few people to get advance copies of Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End in order to review it pre release. If anyone is interested please do let me know via email at


so hows tricks poster 01 0800214.1546On a final note; I am also currently releasing a column called ‘So… How’s Tricks?’ It is about life, love and politics; as well as everything else in-between.  If you would be interested in reading it they are 50p an issue. Again you can contact me at the email above to get the full listing and any other information.


I will be blogging more regularly from now on in (At least once a week) so do keep an eye out, I will post any deals and when the FREE FRIDAYS are happening for Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. See you all very soon!