Mark Taylor

ImageCurrently in pole position Mark is a truly talented author with bounds of drive and enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to work with him and to read his work! I could go on for a month about what a privilege it is to help Mark with his marketing however that may be a touch excessive. So instead I will let Mark do one of the two things he does best; sell his work to you himself…

  1. Do you have any other passions other than writing? If so what are they and why?

I can’t help but be a cinephile, have been my whole life.  I blame the parents. And George Lucas. I love stories and storytelling, whatever form that comes in.

I’m also a complete foodie. You’ll often find me in the kitchen.

Oh, and alcohol. Got me a real passion for that ol’ moonshine.

2. What made you want to write?

Not a clue. I just sat down one day and started. It was a 3K short. It sucked, it really did. But I’ll never edit it, and I’ll never delete it. Without it, I would not be here.

3. If you could do anything else in the world would you do it?

Deliver a message that would bring about world peace? Yes. Be a mechanic? Not so much.

4. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

I love the southern states. NC, SC, GA. I’d be there in a heartbeat.

5. What would you say your favourite book is? And why?

I love, and have since the day I picked it up, “Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers” (Grant Naylor), a science fiction comedy. It’s just awesome. But I can’t help go back to the work of Terry Pratchet, Stephen King, and my two favourite horror authors, Richard Laymon and Clive Barker.

6. Favourite TV show? And why?

Nope. Can’t choose that one. I love Supernatural, House, Family Guy, Red Dwarf, The Simpsons, Man vs Food… the list just keeps going.

7. Favourite Film? And why?

Stars Wars. Because of the pew-pew-pew, kaboom, shhaarm, I am your Father… stuff.

8. Have you ever had a scary moment? If so would you mind sharing?

I’m not a nervous person, but yes. Anyone who claims to have never had a scary moment hasn’t lived.

But yeah, spiders.

9. What are your dreams for life?

I want to be happy. That’s the long and the short of it. I want to be able to look back and say that I lived a good life and made good choices, and that I can rest happily in my retirement.

In my golden mansion.

10. Now, for a bit about your book…. How did you come up with the story idea?

Shutter Speed… it started as a short. When I hit twenty thousand words I realized it was a novella! And then before much longer it was too long for that.

It was a novel.Image

It was a novel I pantsed. (The biggest writing mistake I ever made: Pants my first novel)

So I didn’t really come up with the story idea, it just started and got longer and longer.

11. Has it changed or evolved over time?

As I made it up as I went along, existentially, it has neither changed nor remained the same. It was constantly in a state of evolution, while never becoming anything new. But once I had the first draft done it didn’t have a fundamental story change.

12. What is your book about?

Shutter Speed is a violent thriller, teetering on the brink of psychological horror. It is about multiple personalities, secrets and lies, and the unhinged actions of a man who is slowly falling out with reality.

It follows a group of dysfunctional friends who come up with an idea to make some quick cash…

…and Jimmy. Jimmy is there somewhere. And he’s killing for fun.

There’s also a fair amount of bacon in it.

13. Is it out? If not when will it be released?

It is released on 19th December 2013.

14. Where can people find you?

My website:

My blog:

My Facebook Page:

15. And of course most importantly; where can people buy your book?

It’s available for pre-order at:

Once out the kindle edition will be available from Amazon and the paperback from Nocturnal Press direct.


One thought on “Mark Taylor

  1. Great interview – guys! Mark, my favorite TV show is Supernatural! And your book coming out right before Christmas….wooo hooo Merry Christmas!!!! Looks fabulous!

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