Interview With Ashlyn Forge

Ashlyn Forge spends most of her days self-editing, writing, and editing. Her love of
storytelling, and the imagination in general, has put her in an on-and-off
relationship with Writing for a number of years. She is particularly drawn to
anything resulting in blurred lines between magic and science, as is evident in the
surreal world of her Toys and Soldiers series. Her literary ambition in life is to see
one, if not all, volumes of the Toys and Soldiers Series tucked neatly under
everyone’s pillow. If it were not for the discordant jumble of ideas clamoring for
attention in her head, she would also take up crocheting.

Ashlyn took a couple of minutes to answer a few questions and say hi.


1) Where did you find the inspiration for ‘In Liams Wake’?

All of my stories were written at a time when I didn’t want to deal with a personal problem. It’s my way of working through them. Liam’s story of isolation has a lot to do with how I feel and felt living in foreign countries, especially one which I couldn’t readily leave. Thirteen years ago, I went through a rough time and I just wrote and wrote (none of it was good, but it was fun). Then two years ago I started reading it again and realized that I finally had enough skill to mold it. Now 13 years later, the same scenario was unfolding for me, so it worked.

2) Why did you start writing?

I didn’t really start writing at any given time. I just tried to write something, and stopped whenever someone shot me down. But I’d always take a stab at it, then one day I stopped looking for approval and I just hit the ground running. again, none of it good, but it developed into a really big world that’s ripe with different stories.
3) As a fellow author I am always curious, who was your inspiration for your writing style?
Writing style? I really hope I can emulate a writing style well. To be honest, I read a lot of other indie authors and developed some bad habits, but I can notice them now. I am a big Terry Pratchett fan and I love how he uses humor in his story. I tried to add humor wherever I can, but I know without a doubt I’ll never hold a candle to Sir Terry Pratchett. 
4) If you could sum up ‘In Liams Wake’ in one paragraph, how would you describe it?
Liam’s world seems like a very bleak place, but actually, it’s whatever he makes it, and the reader can see it from any angle he/she chooses. Liam’s human. He’s not incredibly smart, not incredibly stupid, not incredibly strong or incredibly weak, he’s just human, and he tries to make the best of a bad situation. He has some tunnel vision and while that is a downside, it’s also his strength because while others might see the big picture and lose hope, he sees the big picture and figures every picture can burn.
5) What was your favourite part of the process when writing ‘In Laims Wake’?
I had to write the first chapter several times, and each time I’d add more and more detail. When it was finally finished, it felt good to read Liam all the way through. 
6) And finally, where can people find you and your book?
I set out to make this book just like any other book delivered by a publisher. It can be found anywhere in ebook format, from amazon to barns and nobles to ibookstore and so on. It can also be ordered in libraries (ebook format). you can buy it in paperback format on amazon, or order it through a bookstore. The hardcover is available on but should be available on amazon soon. the audiobook is in the works and will be available via audible. if you want to check out a voice sample of the narrator, please visit there you can find an audio trailer and a video trailer.

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