We All Have A Story To Tell; So Why Not Tell It?

I started this with the idea of saying how throughout history there have been thousands of works of arts formed in the medium of words sourced from the most unassuming of authors. Which is true; but that doesn’t make it easy. It just means that they were exceptional and no doubt failed the first few times. Instead I want to broche this in a different way; writer to writer.


Alice In Wonderland – Collectors Edition


Lewis Carroll

Convention; I am not one for it. Anything I write is because I enjoy writing it, if by side effect others happen to enjoy it too than happy days but the worse thing any writer can do is write to an audience. When I say this I know with any genre there is a built in audience however my meaning is do not write in a genre that does not excite you purely because you think it is ‘fashionable’ right now. Write what you are passionate about and the rest will come.  Also the best tip I can give you on this subject is don’t stick to a genres strict guidelines as that is all they are; some of the classics are classics because they broke away from the conventions of the day; ‘Alice In Wonderland’ for example. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known as Lewis Carroll was an exceedingly talented writer with a highly stimulated imagination and if you believe the myths surrounding the drugs; well if you have read it they would have played a part.


Hunter S. Thompson

                Another convention breaker was Hunter S Thompson who sadly died in 2005. He was the creator of a genre known as Gorilla Journalism (also known as Gonzo) and famous for his series of books ‘Fear And Loathing…’ it is hard to know where to begin with Thompson he was a genus and he was an eccentric with an addictive personality. Not just in the sense that he was addicted to cigarettes, weed, heroine, acid, anything he could he his hands on; but also in the sense that he was an addictive person to be around. Saying this though the man wasn’t without his ‘quirks’. He had an undoubtedly bizarre sense of humour, a twisted mix of dark and sinister with just a touch of light-hearted in there. The Thompson pranks have become something of legend since his death in 2005 where he took his own life after ringing his psychologist saying the two sides of his brain no longer agreed and so he would separate them. This being the ‘norm’ for Thompson was dismissed. The next day he was found with a note stating “Relax… this won’t hurt.” And a shot gun wound to the head.


Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail of ’72

Now; I am not saying you have to be a drug addled genus to make it as an author. DRUGS ARE BAD!!! Even Hunter S Thompson has gone on record to say that much. What I am saying is that if these two barely functioning human beings can do incredible things with their lives; then why can’t you? To make it in today’s world is not easy; but why should it be? It wasn’t easy for our parents, or theirs. Yet here we are; so why not make the most of it. Strive for greatness in what we feel passionate about and create works of art that generation after generation will love.