Dear Followers


Louisa Mullerworth – Author

Dear Followers old and new,

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you for reading the blog. I know it is a bit of a mixed bag and some of it won’t always interest everyone. This is ok, I never expected that. In fact the point of it was claim stake to a little corner of internet to voice opinions, bring awareness, and help.) Not to mention have a bit of fun and laugh here and there.

The fact that there are those who wish to share in this is touching. This blog is an open area for those who wish to can share in commonalities and feel safe that they are with those who may challenge but not discriminate; I have no issues with differs of opinions, friendly debates and voicing opposing opinions but I will never allow abuse to be put up on the site.

So please feel free to comment on anything I put up, if you agree or not. I strongly believe that the world was built by honesty and every person should be allowed their right to say their opinion so long as it doesn’t discriminate against another person or group of people.

Now that the ‘formal’ bit is done with, I want to say a big HELLO to new followers. The blog is written by me (Louisa Mullerworth) however don’t be surprised if there is the odd ‘Guest Writer’. It isn’t about one subject in particular although it is primarily an author’s blog. It covers a bit of everything from tips and experiences of being an author to health issues and everything in-between. It is about life; and what it is to live, love, laugh from one perspective, with the aim to share the experience and hopefully help others in one way or another. Or just make someone smile if they are having a bad day.

On that note I shall say ta ta for now and I look forward to your input into ‘AuthorSpot’.

Louisa Mullerworth


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