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Louisa Mullerworth – Author

Dear Followers old and new,

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you for reading the blog. I know it is a bit of a mixed bag and some of it won’t always interest everyone. This is ok, I never expected that. In fact the point of it was claim stake to a little corner of internet to voice opinions, bring awareness, and help.) Not to mention have a bit of fun and laugh here and there.

The fact that there are those who wish to share in this is touching. This blog is an open area for those who wish to can share in commonalities and feel safe that they are with those who may challenge but not discriminate; I have no issues with differs of opinions, friendly debates and voicing opposing opinions but I will never allow abuse to be put up on the site.

So please feel free to comment on anything I put up, if you agree or not. I strongly believe that the world was built by honesty and every person should be allowed their right to say their opinion so long as it doesn’t discriminate against another person or group of people.

Now that the ‘formal’ bit is done with, I want to say a big HELLO to new followers. The blog is written by me (Louisa Mullerworth) however don’t be surprised if there is the odd ‘Guest Writer’. It isn’t about one subject in particular although it is primarily an author’s blog. It covers a bit of everything from tips and experiences of being an author to health issues and everything in-between. It is about life; and what it is to live, love, laugh from one perspective, with the aim to share the experience and hopefully help others in one way or another. Or just make someone smile if they are having a bad day.

On that note I shall say ta ta for now and I look forward to your input into ‘AuthorSpot’.

Louisa Mullerworth


What About The Surreal? Finding Solace In Fiction.

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t indulge in a little fiction in order to relax; whether it is watching/reading it, or creating it. For me it’s what I have dubbed ‘Bad Telly’. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t for a second think it is bad; in fact the exact opposite, its TV I watch to either completely switch off or become well and truly enveloped by.


Seth MacFarlane’s – FAMILY GUY!

Examples of this would be Family Guy, American Dad, and South Park as my zoning out telly. Something I can watch and truly appreciate for the talent that went into them. Seth MacFarlane (the creator of Family Guy and American Dad) and the cast of voices behind both shows and not forgetting the writers; brought to life two bizarre and outrageous yet strangely relatable families.  Now Trey Parker and Matt Stone (joint creators of South Park) are and always have been completely off their rocker which is always fun when it is channelled into something as creative as South Park. I grant you all three of these shows are designed to be TV to switch off to (not to switch off) but that’s what I like about it, after I spend all day and sometimes night writing I need to just turn off my brain and laugh; all three push the limits of what can be done and said on TV, Family Guy has been cancelled twice! Yet it keeps coming back. I think that is why I enjoy them; “Either everything is funny or nothing is.” Hell they take the piss out of each other!


Seth MacFarlane’s – AMERICAN DAD!

As for the TV to get enveloped by; well apparently this is a ‘grey area’ for some it is an “abortion of franchise” for others (including myself) it is one of the most incredible works of Sci-Fi that was cut well before its time. For those who are familiar with the StarGate Franchise you will know what I am talking about. Of course I am talking about StarGate Universe. I have seen both series through twice and could still watch it again.

I guess what I am trying to get at is this is my ritual, my own little escape from when I am writing. If you find yourself stressing then find your own escape, get into a good book (If you enjoy crime fiction may I suggest Tess Gerritsen) and extremely talented novelist who makes entwining plots, suspense and romance into an art form; or for an all rounder which is extremely rare Matthew Reilly, finally for the romantic comedy Fiona Gibson.


StarGate Universe

We each need to make time to unwind; to escape the trials of life and find solace in the creativity of others; in artwork, books, comics, TV, films, music, and so much more.

Writers Block; The Brick Wall Of FRUSTRATION

When asked; what is the hardest part of writing I will always give the same answer; WRITERS BLOCK! It is by far the most frustrating thing about the job. Especially when working to a deadline; I always set myself deadlines and most of the time will meet them. But when writers block hits it is like running into a brick wall. One minute everything is flowing; your fingers can’t stop the idea’s and words are flowing that well then out of nowhere it just goes and you are left staring at a screen and everything you have written just doesn’t look or sound right.

For any other author/journalist or any other form of writer who has experienced this; as I am sure you have in some form or another I am willing to bet you will agree that when this happens it feels like you could scream or cry, or in some cases both. For me I don’t know which is worse, when you are just starting a project or finishing it. Either way I have personally spent days looking for inspiration in some bizarre ways.

Take for instance when I was writing Mistol A New Beginning; at the time I was living in a studio flat, a good sized one granted but after a while even a good sized studio flat can turn you stir crazy. Especially as when I write I rarely leave home. In fact it got to the point that the artist who was working with me at the time would bring me in supplies. Now I don’t do drugs (I think they are a waste of time), and bar a stint when I was younger I don’t as a rule drink (maybe one every now and then) but I do have my vices. I do smoke and I do drink coffee (more so when I am writing). In fact at one point whilst writing Mistol several people mentioned I had dropped a lot of weight (mainly as my diet had consisted of Caffeine and Nicotine for about four months) NOT something I would suggest! In any case back to the writer’s block… I remember about halfway through the first draft I hit the block and I was heading towards a deadline I had a month to finish the next four chapters and I had only done one. Not too bad, couple of days and I could shake it off and keep going. Two weeks later I was banging my head against an actual wall; my daily deadline was 1,000 words a day, weekly 5,000 words which gave me two days to step away from the computer; it also meant that if I was under by a couple of hundred here or there I could make up for them. By the third week I was sat in the bathroom writing just for the change of surroundings. Still nothing came. I was in trouble; so as a last ditch attempt I did something that others may find strange.

Now again; this will sound strange but after three weeks of nothing I started talking to the characters. I would sit on my bed with a pen and pad and ask them where they saw the story going. I grant you that most of it was mapped out for me as I was rewriting it on behalf of a family who lost their daughter. She was the one who wrote the original manuscript. Which made it harder as Bannesa wasn’t there to give me direction. So as I spoke essentially to myself and jotted down notes of what I should have included, changed and taken out (baring in mind I wanted to keep it as close to what Bannesa had written as possible) I slowly began to build up the next chapter. After a couple of days of this I had the next chapter plotted out and was back at the computer, needless to say I did not make that deadline despite working eighteen hour days for the next week.


Book Signing; In Memory Of Bannesa Rose Ayers

There are so many ways to tackle the block you have to find your own way. For me it is completely embracing the story; completely living it, allowing myself to be drawn in. For others it may be stepping away from it. It’s just a wall in your mind, there are so many ways to break it down, and so many people who have been there and can help. Just ask them; myself included.

Finding The Funny In A Thunder Storm

Life can be a bit of ride at times, finding new and interesting ways to throw you completely off balance. I have been ‘lucky’ enough to encounter this phenomenon more times than I have had hot dinners. I was born with into a loving family with a wonderfully supportive mum, but even from this humble beginning there was a price for this. At seven months old I was diagnosed with ‘Epilepsy in a Non-True-Form’ which basically means I can have any kind of seizure at anytime. Fun right?

I have spent my entire life baffling doctors; I have been classed as untreatable and to add to all this I have ‘accumulated’ several other ‘disabilities’ over the years from ‘Hemiplegia’ (stroke damage leaving me partially paralyzed down my left side), ‘Short Term Memory Recall Deficiency’ (You wouldn’t believe how long it took to memorize that) to ‘Clinical Depression’ and ‘Polycystic Ovaries’; all of which feed off each other and make each other worse. An example of this is; The Polycystic Ovaries causes a hormonal imbalance triggering seizures, which spirals me into a fit of depression and unable to use my left arm for a term as well as playing with my short term memory. (It’s a load of laughs at our house sometimes).

My body is a thunder storm of problems; I often joke that if I was a horse I would have been shot by now. But oddly enough, I wouldn’t change a single moment of my life so far. Why I hear no-one ask? Simple, all this has made me stronger, wiser and bar any doctor within a hundred mile radius, more patient with people.

So why am I telling you all this? It’s simple really; I laugh at myself constantly. I walk like a pregnant duck, have the remarkable ability to repeat myself three maybe four times in the same breath, in fits of depression I can invent brand new and peculiar kind of sandwich fillings (too the point where I get asked if I’m pregnant), of course thanks to the Polycystic Ovaries I am hardly skinny which I am fine with and I carry most of my weight on my stomach…. So I have been known to play on this and see how many people I can get guessing (A good way of doing this is to walk with one hand on the small of the small of your back and another resting on the top of your belly as you walk along.) Is that mean? People used to stare anyway I just give them something to look at.

The irony being I can’t have kids. But the fun part is thanks to a treatment I am currently doing I can say “I’m menopausal” gets me out of all sorts of trouble and the looks on peoples faces are just priceless considering I am twenty-four.

I am not saying life is easy; the exact opposite in fact. Life is hard, and everyone is going make mistakes and have troubles that are going to be out of their control. I found writing through all these issues, it was (to be cheesy) my silver lining. I am telling you all this so next time you feel overwhelmed or out of control; stop and think ‘This isn’t in my control, so why worry?’ think of the positive that could come out of it.  Think tomorrow it could all change, but if there is something you can do, then do it don’t put it off because your scared of an outcome. Life drives you forward; don’t fight it, don’t go backwards. Find the funny in it, everyone looks back and remembers something funny about a bad situation; why cant you find it now?

Welcome to the weird and wacky.


Louisa Mullerworth – Author

Hello and welcome,

My name is Louisa Mullerworth; I am an author currently working on a Science Fiction novel. This is my second book the first being a fantasy written for and originally by a young woman who died before she could finish it.

‘Mistol A New Beginning’

Writing full time can be an anti-social job, not to mention it can cause you to loose a few marbles along the way. (Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t always happen and sometimes writers stay perfectly sane), in my case however I get gripped in my work and tend to loose myself in it. This isn’t a bad thing; more fun than anything else. 😉

So this Blog will be a mix of; random thoughts, recommendations for unwinding, the odd riddle, and the occassional column, not to mention snip bits from both the published book (Mistol) and updates and teasers for my work in progress ‘Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End’.

So ta ta for now,

Louisa M Mullerworth.